Maharashtra State Board 12th Class HSC Vocational Exam 2016 Time Table

Maharashtra State Board 12th Class HSC Vocational Exam 2016 Time Table:

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The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education with the latest information about the 12th Class Higher Secondary Certificate HSC Vocational public examination timetable 2016.

Every year in the month of February and March the examination board of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education will be conducting the 12th Class HSC Vocational examinations.

The 2015 examinations of the XIIth Class Higher Secondary Certificate HSC Vocational had been scheduled to be conducted from  February /March 2016.

More information regarding the Maharashtra state board 12th Class HSC examinations 2016 timetable, seating arrangements and roll number are made available online at the web portal of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education.

Maharashtra HSC Vocational Exam 2016 Date Sheets:

  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Sindhi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Urdu, French, Pali
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – English
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Hindi
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – German, Ardhamagadhi, Persian, Avesta Pahalavi
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – General Foundation Course Paper I
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – General Foundation Course Paper II
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Sociology
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Engineering and Technology electronics Technology Paper 1, Digital and Linear Electronics, Maintenance and Repairs of Electrical Domestic Appliances Paper 1 – Materials and Workshop Practice, Building Maintenance Paper 1 – Engineering and Building Drawing
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Marketing and Salesmanship Paper I – Marketing and Sales Management, Purchasing and Store Keeping Paper 1 – Store Keeping, Insurance Paper I – Life Insurance Paper II, Banking Paper 1 – Banking Accounting
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Auto engineering Technician Paper 1 – Auto and Diesel Cycle, Mechanical Technology Paper 1 – Operation and Maintenance of Machine Tools, Repairs, Maintenance and Rewinding of Electrical Motors Paper 1 – Electric Motor Winding, Computer Technique Paper 1 – Computer Network
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Modern Office Management, Aquaculture, Processing Fresh Fish, leed Fish and Freezing
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Hardware and Internet, Vegetable Culture, Cash Crops, Seed Production Technology Part III, Poultry Diseases and their control
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Clinical Pathology and Hematology, Blood Bank, Radiographic, Photographic and Dark Room Techniques, Common Ocular Diseases, Special Investigation and Operation Theatre Procedure
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Milk Products 1, Live Stock and Pasture Management, Post Harvest Equipments and Machinery, Financial Accountancy
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Child Development Preschool Years, Advanced Cookery, Advanced Bakery Technology, Transport
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Economics
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Modern Communication Systems, Domestic Appliances, Construction Technology, Auto Transmission System
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Market Research and Business Laws, Store Control, General Insurance Part II, Loan Operations and Other Services of a Bank, Personnel Management and Secretarial Work, Nursery and Rearing Pond Management
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Operation and Maintenance of Machine tools, Repair and Maintenance of Electric Motors, Data Bases System, Application Software
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Quality Control, Histotechnology, General Radiography and Ostelogy, Redrective Errors Orthoptics and Maintenance of Equipments
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Floriculture and Ornamental Gardening, Nursery Management and Applied Agriculture, Packing and Storage, Seed Processing Testing and Storage, Poultry Products Technology
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Organisation and Management of Early Childhood Education, Catering Management, Advanced Confectionery Technology, Marketing of Tourism
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Milk Products II, Horiculture and Agro Forestry Systems, Cost Accounting
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Applied Electronics, Elements of Electrical Technology, Building Estimates and Contracts
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Agricultural marketing and Foreign Trade, Store Accounting and Business Laws, Marine and Accident Insurance, Collection and Payment of Bills and Cheques and Storage, Advance office Accounting
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Vehicle Maint. and Garage Management, Engineering Science, Motors and Pumps, Computer Application, Programming
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Fisheries Management and Processing, Marketing and Book Keeping, Laboratory Management and Ethics, General Pathology and Special Radiological Procedures
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Post Harvest Technology and Preservation, Farm Management and Agro Forestry, Agro Processing Centre, Seed Industry Management, Marketing Economics and Extension
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Special Lens Grinding Dispensing of Spectacles and Community Ophthalmology, Nutrition and Health, Food Costing and Financial Accounting, Management of travel Agency
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Poultry Extension, Marketing and Economics, Dairy Co-operatives and Management, Socio Economics Aspects and Problem Areas, Auditing
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Book Keeping and Accountancy, Geography
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Japanese
  • February /March 2016 – 2nd Half – Psychology
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Sanskrit
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – Russian, Arabic
  • February /March 2016 – 1st Half – History and Appreciation of Arts

Contact Details:
Maharashtra State Secondary & Higher Secondary,
Survey No. 832-A, Final Plot No. 178 & 179,
Behind Agharkar Research Institute, Bhamburda,
Pune – 411 004,


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